Preface Operating with a truly global footprint, Campden Wealth has a long history of distributing knowledge, intelligence and news to a community of the world’s leading families, their family offices and ultra-high net worth investors.  I recently shared my thoughts on how families and family offices are searching for new investment models that better align their return profiles with their value sets. The article analyzes how family offices are leveraging their competitive advantages over institutional investors for superior investment opportunities and how many family offices are fortifying their strategic alliances with other family offices.   Families and family offices are searching…

Zelensky, Barra and Musk: Leadership Lessons Across War, Crises and Adversity

As I write this article, war rages in Ukraine, with over 10,000 dead. Google searches for the word “recession” are at the highest level of 2022 and consistent with 2008 and 2009 search levels when the United States was officially in a recession. Industries are being upended at warp speed, and change is wreaking havoc on many traditionally stable companies.  Twitter and Elon Musk are embroiled in “bet-the-company” litigation. The list goes on. 

Women in Africa: Education and Jobs

Education is often hailed as the panacea for poverty and the lynchpin of innovation.  Indeed, extensive research and case studies underscore the importance of education to transform lives and promote prosperity.

Women in Africa

Africa is the continent with arguably the greatest potential on earth.  By 2100, it will be home to almost one-half of the world’s population.

On The Precipice of Global Demographic Shifts: What The Future Holds for The United States, China and Africa

In the year 1500, only approximately 460 million people lived on earth. Over the next 250 years (i.e., by 1750), approximately 350 million people were added as the world’s population grew to just over 800 million. 

Investment in African Startups: What Are the Trends and What Does the Future Hold?

Earlier this month “Africa: The Big Deal Startups Deal Database” published extensive data about Africa’s startup environment by industry, geography, and investor.  1K1V performed a trend analysis and forecast using this information that showed, among other things, that African startups have greater funding momentum than startups in several other regions.  

Strengthening the Foundation of the U.S. Economy: Private Credit as a Lever for Prosperity

Private credit is a powerful lever to generate prosperity during difficult economic times. It allows businesses to expand, hire more workers and invest in new technologies. It also enables householders to maintain their spending power and support local economies. As many investors move away from the risk and volatility of public markets, private credit is positioned as an increasingly important component of many investors’ portfolios. In fact, approximately US$1.4 trillion is expected to be raised by 2025.  This article overviews the role that private credit has played in prior recessions and posits that it will have a meaningful and positive…

Opportunities in a Recession: Why Africa's SaaS and Fintech Verticals Represent the Best of Both Value and Growth

Recessions bring pain.  They also bring opportunity.  They reset capital allocations.  This is part of the natural workings of free markets, which have rendered global capitalism, as Alex Gorsky said, "the greatest engine of prosperity that the world has ever known." 

Fintech as an Accelerator of Prosperity in Africa

Africa’s unmatched population growth is well known.  By 2025, the continent will be home to 1.5 billion people (or almost 20% of the world’s population).  By 2050 that number swells to almost 2.5 billion (or more than 25% of the world’s population). 

FLC Credit Partners Provides US$20 Million Acquisition Facility to Skylight Health Group

Acquisition Facility Facilitates the Consolidation of Primary Care Entities to Positively Impact Patient Health Outcomes May 11, 2022 NEW YORK & DENVER — (BUSINESS WIRE) — FLC Credit Partners, a private credit fund manager specializing in family and entrepreneur-owned businesses, announced that it has provided a US$20 million acquisition facility to Skylight Health Group Inc (“Skylight”) (NASDAQ:SLHG; TSXV:SLHG). Skylight is a healthcare services and technology company working to positively impact patient health outcomes. Skylight operates a US multi-state primary care health network comprised of physical practices providing a range of services from primary care, sub-specialty, allied health, and laboratory/diagnostic testing.…

1K Africa Announces $8 Million Norfund Investment in Redsun Dried Fruit and Nuts

Investment to fuel further growth of one of South Africa’s leading raisin processors and more than double its number of jobs April 19, 2022 STELLENBOSCH, South Africa & DENVER — (BUSINESS WIRE) — 1K Africa, a private equity fund the limited partners of which are comprised exclusively of industry-leading families, announced today that Norfund, the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries, has invested $8 million (R120 million) in South Africa-based raisin processor and distributor Redsun Dried Fruit and Nuts (“Redsun”). Redsun, located along the banks of the Orange River, is expanding its operations with two new state-of-the-art facilities, that will help it to…

Norway investing R120 million in South African dried fruit and nut business – with demand expected to rocket

April 19, 2022 Norfund, the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries, has announced an investment of $8 million (R120 million) in South African raisin processor and distributor Redsun. Established in 2009, Redsun is based in Keimoes in the Northern Cape, a region where approximately 90% of South Africa’s raisins are produced. The company is at an advantage at a key juncture in the international raisin and pecan industry, as the US production level is shrinking, but demand is growing worldwide, the fund said in an accompanying statement. Norfund’s investment is expected to sustain 163 direct jobs, create more than 200…

1K Africa and Crossfin Complete Sybrin Acquisition

April 11, 2022 CAPE TOWN, South Africa & DENVER — (BUSINESS WIRE) — 1K Africa, in partnership with diversified FinTech investment holding company Crossfin Technology Holdings (Crossfin) and investor Isaac Mophatlane, announce the completion of the Sybrin Group of Companies (Sybrin) transaction. All conditions precedent and approvals for the transaction were fulfilled on 31 March 2022. “Now that we have officially partnered with 1K Africa, together with Isaac Mophatlane, we anticipate an increase in collaborations within many African countries.” Sybrin is a leading software solution provider helping predominantly financial services providers digitally transform and automate their business processes. The company also integrates its software…

1K Africa announces $13.5 million investment in DigiCo

October 06, 2021 COLORADO, USA & CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, October 6, 2021 / — 1K Africa, a private equity firm that invests in sub-Saharan Africa with an exclusive limited partners (LP) base of leading family offices, today announced a R200 million (approximately $13.5 million) investment in a minority stake in Digital Ecosystems (DigiCo), a market-leading investment holding company that provides integrated technology services to the telecommunications sector, as well as various SaaS platforms. This investment marks 1K Africa’s second investment in the technology space this year and the third technology investment in its portfolio.DigiCo operates at the forefront of…

Family Legacy Capital Launches FLC Credit Partners

Private credit manager, spearheaded by industry veterans, will provide credit solutions for family- and entrepreneur-owned enterprises May 10, 2021 NEW YORK & DENVER — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Family Legacy Capital Management, LLC (“FLC”), a private investment manager for leading family offices, today announced the launch of FLC Credit Partners, a private credit fund manager. Headquartered in New York, the investment team is led by experienced industry executives Peter Eschmann, Matthew Hart and Jay Rogers, who have collectively completed over 250 transactions and deployed more than $15 billion of capital at their prior firms. “With our limited partner base comprised entirely…

Family offices are seeing incredible opportunities in Africa

What in the African market is attracting investments from family offices? Dec 17, 2019 Hendrik Jordann, President & CEO at 1K Africa, shares with us his thoughts on the hottest areas of investment, why Africa could be a more opportunistic market than the US, and what challenges investors should be aware of when investing in Africa. What in the African market is attracting investments from family offices?

1K Africa Invests in Leading Online Education Company Higher Ed Partners South Africa

Integrated approach to supporting universities in all aspects of online program management; model proven in the United States and Latin America May 10, 2018 1K Africa, a private family capital fund backed exclusively by industry-leading families from around the globe, today announced its investment in Higher Ed Partners South Africa (HEPSA), a leading online education company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The investment marks 1K Africa’s first investment in the education sector in Africa. HEPSA is an integrated provider of online program management services to leading tertiary educational institutions in South Africa. These services enable HEPSA’s partner universities to expand…

1K Africa Invests in African Aquaculture Business

Investment by Sub-Saharan Africa-focused private family capital fund in leading trout producer and processor headquartered in Lesotho and serving the South African and Japanese market. Third investment consummated by 1kAfrica August 29, 2017 CAPE TOWN, South Africa — (BUSINESS WIRE) — 1K Africa, a U.S. private capital fund backed exclusively by leading families, announced its third investment in Sub-Saharan Africa with the acquisition of a specialist aquaculture business headquartered in the Kingdom of Lesotho. “With 1K Africa’s investment, we believe SanLei can grow into a unique African trout producer and exporter.” The aquaculture business, SanLei™, is a trout producer located on the…

The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield interviewed Hendrik Jordaan

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Hendrik Jordaan, the CEO of 1K Africa, an Africa focused private equity fund, for his weekly “ShapeShifter” feature. April 20, 2016 Hendrik Jordaan – Shapeshifter April 20 2016

1K Africa Closes Investment in Beefmaster

Investment by Sub-Saharan Africa-focused private family capital fund in leading beef processing and distribution company headquartered in South Africa and serving markets around the globe January 06, 2016 DENVER — (BUSINESS WIRE) — 1K Africa a private family capital fund focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, today announced that it closed a minority investment in Beefmaster Holdings, a vertically integrated South African producer and distributor of beef related products, serving markets around the globe. The investment, which closed in late December 2015, is 1K Africa’s second in the agribusiness processing and distribution sector. Beefmaster is headquartered in the North West Province of…



Hendrik Jordaan was born and raised in South Africa. He co-founded 1K Africa, Family Legacy Capital Credit Management, LLC (“FLC Credit Partners”), and Family Legacy Capital Management, LLC (“Family Legacy Capital”).

He serves as the President and CEO of 1kAfrica and the Chairman of Family Legacy Capital and FLC Credit Partners.

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